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MY BOAT Rent Murter Kornati - Majinova 8, 22243 Murter, Croatia, M: +385976654825, M: +38598654825,
Boat Excursions MurterPrivate excursion with speed boat to National park Kornati

Private excursion with speed boat to National park Kornati

Price from (per day): 420 €

1-6 PERSONS - 420 €
7-11 PERSONS - 570 €
INCLUDES: Speed boat, skipper, fuel, ticket in NP Kornati
Departure - no earlier than 08:30, return no later than 18:00

The Kornati archipelago – a labyrinth of stone, with eighty nine islands, islets and rocks in the sea. It is the most indented island group in the Mediterranean. Regardless of whether you look at the Kornati Islands from the air, from the sea, or from sightseeing points on the islands, the view is equally impressive – and yet different to the eye every single time. Every vista is more than worth experiencing, and every perspective worth examining. Dry stone walls on the Kornati Islands are silent and steadfast witnesses to hard work on modest soil on stone surrounded by crystal-clear sea. The Kornati Islands are the stone pearls of the Mediterranean.

The islands and islets of Kornati are scattered like in a play of sorts between the stone and the sea.

In good weather, it is a silent play of blue and gray. When the winds start blowing, the archipelago starts speaking in the sound of waves... However, the Kornati Islands are a well-known shelter for sailors whenever the sea shows its rage and strength, too strong to even care about man as a temporary guest.

The archipelago includes eighty nine islands, islets and rocks, with the total Park surface of 216.78 square kilometers. Even such dry pieces of data can bring to awareness the amazingly indented nature of the archipelago, creating landscapes nowhere else seen. The view from above is astounding, and the same goes for sightseeing points on the islands. The sea view is no different, as you watch the archipelago while your vessel passes through the sea labyrinth below the cliffs...READ MORE

Murter Kornati excursion

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