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MY BOAT Rent Murter Kornati - Majinova 8, 22243 Murter, Croatia, M: +385976654825, M: +38598654825,
Boat Excursions MurterPrivate excursion with speed boat Murter archipelago

Private excursion with speed boat Murter archipelago

Price from (per day): 350 €

1-6 PERSONS - 380 €
7-11 PERSONS - 500 €
INCLUDES: Speed boat, skipper, fuel
Departure - no earlier than 08:30, return no later than 18:00

Surroundings of the island of Murter

The name of the island of Murter covers the watershed that is bordered by the Murterska canal in the southwest of the islands of Kaprije, Kakanj and Žirje in the south, in the south by the Tisno gate, in the southwest of the Kornati islands, in the northwest by Velika Prova and the small islands of Mali Tremulic, Božikovac and Mali Balabru, north of the central canal, the Zadar islands of Gangara and Murvenjak, and finally the Vrgadski canal and the islets of Artica vela i Artica mala. In the middle of this area, which has become one of the most attractive and most visited boating areas in Europe, is the Murtersko more.

Murter Sea

The Murter Sea is the largest sea area between the Sibenik and Zadar Archipelago. Its surface is 210 square kilometers and its maximum depth is 94 meters. On the northeastern side of the Murter Sea is the island of Murter, northwest, southwest and south is surrounded by the Kornati, and on its southeastern side are known Siberian islands of Zirje, Kakan and Kaprije.

In the middle of the southeastern edge of the Murter Sea there are Tetovišnjaci - a group of five islands and a cliff. Clearly recognizable and recognizable, Tetovšnjaci are a good guide to navigating a nurturing but silent Murters sea.

Even though it is small in scope, the Murter Sea must not be underestimated. It is exposed by strong Rehut winds and sudden changes of wind and strong sea currents, so yachtsmen in its waters always have to be careful.

Islands around the island of Murter

Unlike the Kornati islands, which are geographic and geomorphologic units, the islands around the island of Murter and the Murter Sea are grouped into several island groups and are (proprietary) entities. Residents of Murter and Murter and Betina are also owners of 134 Kornati islands, including all 89 overland land units in the National Park "Kornati".

In addition, the owners of the Murter island are also owners of 55 other overland land units, six of which are located in Zadar's administrative boundaries, and six more within the city limits of Šibenik. The overseas possessions of the inhabitants of the island of Murter and the Kornati archipelago comprise 207 overland land units (islands and rocks).

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